Mohammad Maaty is a first generation
Egyptian-American who fell in love with
filmmaking at the age of 15. What began
as an extracurricular activity shooting and
editing a series of scripted and unscripted
shorts of adolescent life in New York City,
quickly evolved to a deep passion and love
for the filmmaking process; from
assembling the right blend of talent and
experienced crew to personally and
painstakingly crafting his trademark editing
style in the cutting room. It is this fervor
that has led Mohammad to write, direct,
edit and produce over 18 films in
independent and academic capacity in just
over 10 years.

Formally trained in Film and Media Studies
at Fordham University, Mohammad sought
additional training through coursework at
New York University while working as a
Control Room Operator at Time Warner’s
NY1 News, followed by a Production
Coordinator position at HBO.

A native New Yorker raised with distinct
Muslim values yet patently American,
Mohammad sites belonging to a group of
talented, multicultural friends and
colleagues within the rich tapestry of the
city itself among the primary influences on
his work. To date, Mohammad’s films have
been screened at the Museum of Moving
Image Festival (2001), the Big Apple Film
Festival (2008) and the HBO Theater in
New York City (2010).

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