Richard Isaacs
(Born:? -Death: April 30th, 2010)

Dancer, security expert, trained pilot, , private
investigator, Eagle Scout, Peace Corps Volunteer,
photographer and an amazing actor. These are just a
few of the many titles held by Richard Issacs.

A New York City based character actor Richard worked
primarily in film. He has appeared in The Invisible Life of
Thomas Lynch (2009), The Interruption (2009), Sublet
(2009), Oomph (2008), "Undercover History"  2008),  
Undercover Titanic with Bob Ballard (2008) ,Inside Out III
(1992), and Fatal Skies (1990). In addition, Richard was
a skilled dancer which included salsa and tango (he was
a USA Tango Championship competitor).

Richard also served as Practice Leader in
Counterintelligence and High-Threat Protective Services
for LUBRINCO. Richard originally joined LUBRINCO’s
high-threat protective services group, where he also
provided specialized training. He was a charter member
of both the Tactical Response Association, on whose
board of directors he served, and the American Society
of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET). Richard
introduced pepper based sprays to the law enforcement
community at the 1988 ASLET conference, and
introduced the first training for line officers in use of
personal defense sprays at the 1989 ASLET
conference. He is co-author of The Seven Steps to
Personal Safety, the leading book for civilians on
dealing with violence.

He was a one of a kind human being and will be missed.
The world is less colorful without him.

Goodbye Richard.

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